The AARP View of Housing

Friday, December 06, 2019

According to the Home and Community Preferences Survey, and the 2018 edition of Where We Live (Communities for All Ages), AARP says what was true in the past is still true today- the majority of people over 50 want to remain in their current home and community. In fact, 77% agree with the statement, "What I'd really like to do is remain in my community for as long as possible",while 76% agree that "What I'd really like to do is remain in my residence for as long as possible."

But let's break it down a little more:

  • 13% of people age 50 and over predict that in the future they'll likely move to a different home within the same community
  • 24% say they'll likely move to a different community
  • 46% believe they'll stay in their current home and never move
  • 17% aren't sure what their future will bring, and
  • roughly 3 in 10 people age 50+ would consider someday sharing their home with another person (and the response was the same among all adults age 18 and older)

Here's another observation- "For years, much of our housing has been developed as, essentially, places where young adults live, places where families live, places where "senior citizens" live. These communities often exist in a parallel universe, each with its own forms of transportation, entertainment, recreation and health care. A truly livable community should and can be intergenerational. A truly livable community has a range of housing options, at various price points, from apartments to single-family dwellings. A truly livable community allows different types of housing arrangements, including cohousing, home-sharing, and accessory dwelling units (e.g. in-law suites, backyard bungalows). A truly livable community has services that help people live independently and care for their homes. A truly livable community should and can be a lifelong home."

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