13 Ways to Keep Your Team On The Innovation Fast Track

Thursday, December 06, 2018

(reprinted from Forbes Coaches Council 10.30.18) 

A key part of a leader's job is to keep their team curious and innovative. According to an IBM report, some key barriers to innovation are inadequate funding, risk avoidance, time commitments, and incorrect methods of measurement. 

Below, 13 members of Forbes Coaches Council open up about the best thing a team leader can do to keep their people on the innovation fast track.  A sampling is printed here:

1) Seek Inspiration and Challenge the Status Quo- the best thing leaders can do to keep their teams curious and innovative is to create an atmosphere where growth, creativity, and openness to explore conflicting viewpoints are encouraged.
4) Motivate to Innovate- While this sounds simple, it actually requires time and meaningful effort, because motivation is not a one-size-fits-all.  Don't assume that a "cool" workspace or throwing money around will inspire.
5) Empower the Team to Question Everything- Determine if a fresh, unvarnished opinion can yield positive change. 
8) Look in Another Place- Field trip! The best ideas come from looking in another place. Take your team to experience something in a completely different industry. 
9) Change the Challenge- Instead of meeting conference rooms, seek different ways to engage your team. Allow the least experienced person lead the meeting so that you can hear what everyone else may be taking for granted as common knowledge. 
10) Create a Culture that Tolerates Failure- Not succeeding is not the same as failing. Failing is when you fall down and you don't get back up. When things inevitably go wrong, embrace the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. 

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